MobiCalls VOIP Calling Options

When you use the MobiCalls app, you'll enjoy three different VOIP calling options.

Option 1: VOIP Calls With a standard VOIP call – the default option – your call will be immediately connected via a Mobile data or WiFi connection. When you use the VOIP calling option, you'll be charged the VOIP brand's standard rate. There are no additional costs or hidden fees.

Option 2: Call Back If you do not have a strong Mobile data or WiFi connection, the call back option may work well for you. It's an ideal option for staying in touch with friends and family, especially if your phone plan has data usage limitations. Here's how it works: You set up a call using the MobiCalls app's “Call Back” feature. MobiCalls will connect a call to your phone; then, we'll connect you with the call recipient. When you use MobiCalls' Call Back feature, you'll be charged for both call connections (your connection and your recipient's connection, in addition to a set-up fee for establishing the connection.

Option 3: Local Access MobiCalls has established local access phone numbers in an array of different countries. These MobiCalls local access lines can be utilized if you're lacking a reliable Mobile data or WiFi internet access connection. Simply select the local access option from the MobiCalls app interface and you will be connected via one of the in-country local access lines. You will be charged for the cost of a local call, in addition to the VOIP brand's standard rate for the destination that you're calling. Notably, MobiCalls' local access phone numbers are only available in select countries, so you will need to ensure there's a line available in the proper region.

Text Messages With the MobiCalls app, you can also send SMS/text messages to recipients across the globe. International text messaging has never been easier or more affordable. MobiCalls worldwide text messaging capabilities are ideal if you simply need to provide a quick update, without actually speaking with the recipient. International SMS/text messaging is affordable and simple to use with the MobiCalls app!